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 UPDATED: 1/10/14
01/30/2012 - VGA/HDMI Wireless Presentation System for Projector/HDTV with A/V Streaming
VW-4PH wirelessly connects multiple computers to any projector/HDTV with a VGA or HDMI port and display up to 4 users simultaneously.... Read More>>>

01/30/2012 - HDMI 3D HDBaseT 5-Play Single CAT6 100-Meter Active Extender
HD4-C6E extends HD signal with HDCP up to 100 meters (328ft) using a single CAT6 cable. It has built-in 6-Ethernet LAN ports that allow connection of home theater PC’s, HDTV’s & other HD devices to the internet... Read More>>>

12/16/2011 - 300-Meters VGA A/V Single CAT5e Wall Plate Extender Kit
VA-EWP sends VGA video and audio using a single CAT5e/6 cable. This wall plate extender kit is the perfect economical set up for all your VGA devices that need to extend up to 1,000ft (300M)... Read More>>>

04/12/2011 - 300-Meters VGA with Audio Multi-Port Single CAT5e Extender Kit
VA-EXK sends VGA video and audio using a single CAT5e/RJ45 cable. The transmitter module features built-in 4-Port RJ45 D/A with loop-out for local screen and speaker system... Read More>>>

04/01/2011 - HDMI 3D Single CAT5e Active Extender Kit with Bi-Directional IR
HD-C5S4IR that transmits audio and video with HDCP up to 200ft at 1080i and 130ft at 1080p 60Hz using a single CAT5e/6 cable... Read More>>>

01/19/2011 - HDMI over LAN Solution with Broadcast & IR Control Single CAT5e Active Extender Kit
HDE-K extends HDMI signal over LAN up to 400 meters (1312ft) away from HDMI or DVI source using single CAT5e/RJ45 cable... Read More>>>

06/21/2010 - VGA & Composite with Audio CAT5e Wallplate Extender Kit
VARCA-1P provides both PC VGA & stereo audio along with composite audio and video using dual CAT5e RJ45 cables... Read More>>>

11/08/2007 - HDMI Extender using Cat5e
The extender uses 2 CAT5 cables to support full functions of HDMI, including HDCP for up to 120ft. For 1080i resolution, it works up to 180ft... Read More>>>

10/30/2007 - VGA Non-Powered Balun Cat5e Extender
The new VGA non-powered extender provides high resolution VGA link up using Cat5 cable for up to 100 meters (330ft). The extender kit provides a pair of HD15/RJ45 transceivers, supporting a maximum resolution of 1600X1200 @ 60Hz up to 50 meters & 1024X768 @ 60 Hz up to 100 meters... Read More>>>

07/30/2007 - DVI Repeater with DVI/Power Combo Cable
Extend DVI signal up to 300ft. Unlike signal boosters that only amplify the signal, a repeater actively regenerates, clean and corrects the DVI signal degradation to ensure clear and sharp digital images. Up to 3 units can be cascaded and support up to 1600X1200... Read More>>>

07/18/2007 - Cat5e Balun Video & Audio Wall plate Extension System
Extend component video with digital audio, composite video with stereo or S-video with stereo audio signals up to 100m (330ft.) using Cat5e cable. These wall plates come with 110-type rear punch down... Read More>>>

06/14/2007 - VGA Swivel Cables & Adaptors
VGA swivel cable & adaptor features connectors that rotate up to 360 degrees without affecting cable performance, creating total flexibility & convenience for connecting to video applications... Read More>>>

05/01/2007 - HDMI Swivel Cables & Adaptors
HDMI male to female swivel adaptor that allows users to convert any HDTV/HDCP port from female to male, or vice versa. The HDMI connector on the adaptor swivels 180 degrees left and right, up and down... Read More>>>

04/30/2007 - Mini 2-Port VGA Distribution Amplifier
This ultra-portable Mini VGA DA broadcasts up to 200ft. a clear 300 MHz UXGA signal to at least 2 video display outputs simultaneously... Read More>>>

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